Saturday, December 10, 2011



  1.  easily upsets by bad moods
  2.  thinks inferior
  3.  feels low and unworthy
  4.  prone to jealousy and envy
  5.  indulge in violence and destruction
  6.  burst into fits and tears without reason
  7.  jumps into fights and arguments
  8.  overreacts to irritation
  9.  violates rules and regulations
10.  succumbs to bad habits
11.  disobey parents and teachers
12.  susceptible to rage and anger
13.  no concern for other's feelings
14.  low confidence and low self-esteem

dr.habibullah explains to students how to build up self-confidence and self-esteem. He tells the youngsters
to have a regular self-check up and assessment to see whether they are emotionally upset or not. He says,
emotionally disturbed chidren and adolescents are generally indecisive,irritable, irresponsible, inactive and
indifferent.The most  important advise he gives to the parents and teachers is to observe their  children in a calm and  peaceful mood so that they would not miss any findings in them.When these youngsters become
emotionally incompetent, they may fall prey to drugs and alcohol and  indulge  in  violence to  soothen their
bad emotions.


dr.habibullah is both a paediatrician and psychologist. He has decades of experience in the field of paediatric medicine and adolescent psychology. In the field of child health and development his specific interest in psychology concerns with the mental and emotional development of young children and adolescents.
dr.habibullah is a powerful motivational speaker.Thousands of students,teachers and parents have been highly influenced and inspired by his speeches and their lif-style have been greatly improved. His psycho-educational programmes are inspiring, heart warming and life-transforming. His talk-shows are inspiring and his emotional management training workshops are innovative,informative,educative and highly creative.
He talks to students,parents and teachers - how to identify the common teenage emotional upsets, mood swings and behavioural problems and to correct it in time before it affects their personality, physical, mental, educational and emotional well-being.

He warns the parents, teachers, care-takers and people who have some interest in child growth and development to watch carefully the signals of an emotionally disturbed teenager.

"an untold emotional crisis,stress and bad moods alters the student's life-style,shatters his self-image  and lowers his physical,mental and academic performance and destabilises his self-esteem."

His workshops on emotional management trains students and young adults and make them self-reliant, socially competent, personally effective, confident, trust-worthy, dependable and self-assertive. It helps them and makes them fit enough to handle the day-to-day emotional stress and strain of their personal life in a more efficient and effective way.